Hi Irene,


Having met with you a couple of months ago for a reading I was truely amazed at what you told me and talked about both how my career had been successful with lots of travel as well as detail about what is going on in my life as well as what happened recently to me and much much more. You were very specific and that is detail no one would have known. That reading with you helped me settle and understand many things, however over the few weeks afterwards has also raised some questions in my head, that I needed some help with and at my last reading with you did help me understand what is going on and that all is going to be ok. On a final note I have arranged to go see my mum in Scotland for her birthday as you suggested.


Again, Irene I say thank you for your true gift in helping me and look forward to the next time.


Sincerely Brian

Dear Irene,

Thank you so much for the accurate reading. I have been having so many questions about why so many unfortunate things that has occurred in my life over the years and you provided me some guidance why that had to happen. I fel that I have been protected from day one and you've confirmed my doubts that they have been with me all along. You are truly gifted and your reading about my work has been fulfilled. I just have to wait for things to fall into place. I'm very thankful that I met you. And I thank Alona for leading me to you.



Mari Bella

Dear Irene,

Thank you for a great reading. About my horse, you said things I just knew. Truly blew my mind ! You have an amazing gift !

Yes my horse is my baby and means the wold to me ! All the other things you said were also bang on !!

Thanks for a great experience  and I'm looking forward to a future reading with you !! :)






Irene, thank you for the incredible reading tonight. You have touched a part of my soul that has been closed off for so many years and you gave me so much peace about my family and my fathers death. The reading you gave me really resognated with me and it was so enlightening, beautiful, and peaceful to connect with my Dad. You were spot on with so many things, it gives me chills. I highly recommend you. You are an incredible person with such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I already look forward to seeing you again. I will recommend my family and friends come see you! With all my heart, thank you. ~Julia

Burlington ON.  March, 2017

Hello Irene,

Just wanted to send you this sincere note of thanks for helping guide me through your reading. Your reading was very thorough and comforting as I heard from my loved ones which has helped me move forward. 

I believe in the spirit world and the messages that reach us. You are a very intuitive psychic & medium and I'm sure you have helped so many people. 
I can't wait to see you again in September 
God bless you and may your guardian angels keep you safe and prosperous in your endeavours. 


Piera Langley 

Irene, I'm not sure I could ever find the words to explain how much our chat meant to me. You have a beautiful gift and I feel so blessed that I got to sit down and talk to you, especially about my sweet Ainsley. There's even a couple of things that you mentioned today, that I said I was unsure of at the time, and have been able to confirm it with others, and you were correct!

If you get the chance, our website is www.fromainsley.com I always love when people learn about Ainsley and her beautiful 109 days with us. Thank you again so much for meeting me, and I cannot wait until the next time!

Cathy Cooper
Brantford, Ontario

When my son passed i felt i would never smile again.I needed to know if there was a heaven and if he made it there.Irene has helped me to see that there is a heaven and he is there.She is always telling me what he wants us to do next and what we have already done that he likes or dislikes. I may not be able to see my son or hug him but at least i can talk to him when ever i need to .Irene you have given me the best gift that anyone could ever get. No words can express how much your friendship means to me,you are the best.

Love Darlene M.

My reading with Irene was just what I needed, when I needed it.  I had reached a point in my life where I felt stuck and didn't know how to get moving again.  Irene's gentle nature and powerful insight proved to be just the ticket!  In my opinion, the sign of a really good psychic is that they not only give you some glimpses into the future but, more importantly, assist you with the attitudes & actions that might be having an impact in your present.  Irene did exactly that!  She spoke to me about my self esteem and my attitude towards myself with encouraging words and an extremely accurate perception.  She spoke to me of the future and linked the present skills and gifts that I have to future events.  She shared some of her personal experiences with me which gave me insight into similar struggles that we share and showed me what a warm, genuine, caring person she really is.  Since my reading with Irene, I feel lighter, happier and much more confident.  I think of Irene as my Angel on earth and treasure the time that I spend with her.  Irene's gift truly comes from a place of love!

Natalie D
Burlington, ON

I have met with Irene on a few occasions now and I couldn't possibly express truly how special she has become to me. I originally looked to Irene as a medium to reconnect with my Dad who had passed away several years ago. The messages she brought to me were so specific and personal it brought me to tears. I have since met with her a couple of times to consult on other matters as well and have had a few parties and all of my guests had great feedback! What a gifted psychic and medium you are!

I feel more at peace about my past, more confident about my future. I know it was in me, but it was you who have helped me see it all more clearly and I couldn't possibly thank you enough for that. Thank you so much for being who you are, you're very special and so is your gift! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

<3 Jaclyn

Toiling over so much confusion and misinformation, I spent the past 3 years seeking help from many physics and healers.  Out of sheer desperation, I spent a small fortune attempting to heal from my past experience.   After many failed attempts to find peace, and eventually being left with the feeling of being taken advantage of, I began to doubt that any human being could possibly serve as a spiritual guide for me.   But still I continued to seek. 

It was one early morning when I had this urge to do a local internet search for psychics living nearby when I found Irene listed in goldbook.ca.   Something drew me toward calling Irene that early morning and Irene promptly returned my call the very same day.

I knew as soon I met Irene that she was that spiritual guide I was searching for. Not only did she take me early (knowing my situation before I even explained it to her) but after meeting with her, I truly felt my life had changed for the better. That first meeting was a magical experience and one which I will never forget.   Her unique ability to connect with people is astounding!  I am now a regular client of Irene.  I recommend her to everyone seriously seeking peace and joy in their life.

Stephen N

Always an amazing experience when I'm with Butterfly. Mind blowing and amazingly phenomenal. I want to thank you for sharing your gifts and letting me realize that "The Sky is the Limit".

Hamilton, ON

First of all I want to thank you again for the wonderful reading u give me.  It has answered alot of my questions and my head feels so much clearer.  I highly recommend Irene to everyone and have told all of my friends who will surely by calling her.  I have seen a couple of psyschics and she so far has been best you will not be dissapointed.  Thank you for everything I have met my psychic for life.

Paula Alves

I have been consulting with Butterfly for 2 years now and at first I was skeptical with her forecasts but the more I reach my journey in life, the more accurate she has been with her advices.

Butterfly to this day amazes me with how incredible her readings are, especially with people that are so dear to me. When I reach my low points, I can always count on her and guaranteed I would be left feeling the sense of peace.

Butterfly's readings have been so strong as the months progress, I highly recommend her and would never think of seeking advice elsewhere. Butterfly has been a blessing in my life and everyday I thank the Lord for giving her a precious gift in which she turns around and uses this to help people like me.

Thank you for everything Butterfly.

Toni Lam

I have been to more pychics, spiritual advisors, clairvoyants etc. over the past 15 years than I care to admit. I have never met or been read by someone as competent and concise as Butterfly. She was able to tell me details that made me ask...'how is anyone able to do that?'. I compare her gift to that of world renowed, Sylvia Brown. I believe Butterfly and Sylvia got their gift from the same place - they are in a league of their own.

N. Grant
Toronto, ON