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Hi Irene,
It was indeed an amazing experience to receive your reading. I can only say that the experience was very positive in that your were able to talk about what is going on in my life, what has happened and who is looking after me from beyond if I can say it that way. Your accuracy.. incredible and to here your observations about my career and success I have had etc.. and I could keep going with so much both during our meeting and after once I thought about things you said.

brian philip

Hi Irene,

It was a pleasure to meet with you on March 7th. I found your reading very insightful. You especially brought in my recently deceased "brother-in-law" very clearly.
You also brought up a few things which I had suspected myself but had never voiced aloud, especially regarding my relationship.
I really felt that we did little more than scratch the surface and there is much more ground for us to cover.
I look forward to seeing you again.
Thanks Irene,

Erik Swanson

Erik Swanson

Just had a great phone reading with this awesome lady.
She was amazing. I am so glad I found her. I feel so much better after speaking with her tonight. Thank you Irene!!! Shelly ❤️


Dear Irene,
Thank you for your genuine kindness. It was very easy to talk to you and I appreciate your help. I look forward to seeing you again.

-Samantha L

Samantha L

I had two readings so far and theyíve been an amazing experience. She makes me feel so at ease when sheís giving you a read, it feel likes youíre talking to someone youíve known forever. Iím so impressed with what she told me and how true everything was.
Thanks again,
Iíll be contacting you again in the near future.
I would recommend a read to anyone anyday.


Irene was amazing, I had a phenomenal experience with her with wonderful talents. She made me feel so comfortable to open up and share my thoughts. She was spot on with everything that she told me. Iím truly amazed my grandfather came through and the things she knew about my life. Without a single doubt, Iím definitely coming back for more sessions. If youíre thinking about booking a session with her, you wonít regret it. The phone call left me with closure and happiness. Thank you, once again for your help. Looking forward to getting in touch later


It has been almost two years that I have met Irene. The reason why I keep going back to see her every time I need guidance it is because the predictions and future that she sees has its way of coming to me. Also, she has guided and helped me since day one. It is always a pleasure connect with her. Such a down to earth person with a great heart. Thanks Irene :)


Thanks again for a fantastic reading!!! You were so accurate describing my parents and brother that it felt like I was able to visit with them again. You were correct in many aspects that have come to pass in the recent months that I know you really do have a special gift. Your messages from my loved ones give me hope and peace to continue one step at a time. Thanks, Irene.
Lizzy W.


Thank you so very much for my reading ,I cannot stress how apprciate ,your insights to things /situations i have been searching to find answers to .You suprised me with your accuracy ,but most impressive was the connection i felt with you :) How calm and relaxed i felt and how compassionate you were with me in subjects that have been wieghing on me ,helping me to understand ,and giving me insight to some very distracting situations
I will definately be back to see you ,as well mentioning your accuracy to friends whom i am sure will seek answers or insight as well
Thank you so very much Irene truly are a talent woman !!

Tracey Mann

Irene, thank you for the incredible reading tonight. You have touched a part of my soul that has been closed off for so many years and you gave me so much peace about my family and my fathers death. The reading you gave me really resognated with me and it was so enlightening, beautiful, and peaceful to connect with my Dad. You were spot on with so many things, it gives me chills. I highly recommend you. You are an incredible person with such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
I already look forward to seeing you again. I will recommend my family and friends come see you!
With all my heart, thank you.


Dear Irene,
When I decided to come to you for a reading I didnt know what to expect. I was very sad and hurting as much now as I did the day my mom and brother past 2 yrs ago. You gave me peace. I wake up each day with comfort knowing that they are and have been with me this whole time. Thank you for letting me know that my daughter is being watched over as well, she was very excited to hear what you had said. You are a wonderful lady and we will be seeing each other again.

Lisa Radice

Dear Irene, I want to thank you so much for bringing my sister, Judy, back to me. I was comforted, although extremely emotional, to know she is at peace. I will certainly be speaking with you again. You were right, saying 30 minutes will go by fast... I have many questions for next time and I do look forward to seeing you again! Most sincerely, Liz

Liz coombs

I want to take this opportunity to thank Irene for all she has done for me. I have seen Irene for now the second time in my life and she instantly remembered me. She is one of the most kindest people I have come across and is just a breath of fresh air. She knows how to lift your spirit and has such light energy. I look forward to seeing her again and recommend her to anyone :)

Alexandra Elizabeth Mason

It was like you were in my head. Amazing what you knew about me. I appreciate the messages received during our time together. You have a gift


Thank you Irene, I appreciate you providing me with the answers that had been left unanswered until our meeting. Will definatly recommend you in the future. Thank you and god bless!


I visited Irene on June 9, 2014 and was incredibly pleased with my reading. Irene was calming and allowed me to communicate with family members from my past that brought much comfort. I look forward to many more readings with Irene.


Irene: You are one of the most caring and patient individuals I have ever known. Your talent of being able to reach out and communicate with those we love is incredible and I feel I am on the path to healing because of you.
Knowing my loved one is watching over me has helped me to accept the loss - your gentle words have been like cool water on a hot day.
Thank you Irene - I am sure we will see one another again. You are an angel.


Hi Irene,

Our recent reading was inspiring for me and I feel this new sense of well being, I had a lot of worry and doubt after my father passed away and after speaking with him I no longer worry if i did things right by him, I am so relieved to know he is at peace now. We also spoke with Devon which brought me joy and filled my heart, he had messages to send to his loved ones that I truly feel helped. I also enjoyed the psychic reading and will use your guidance to get back on my feet again and get on with my life, I needed that experience and am grateful for our time together!! Looking forward to our next reading, wishing you all the best.

Thank you!!


Julie Fleming

when my son passed i felt i would never smile again.I needed to know if there was a heaven and if he made it there.Irene has helped me to see that there is a heaven and he is there.She is always telling me what he wants us to do next and what we have already done that he likes or dislikes.Imay not be able to see my son or hug him but at least i can talk to him when ever i need to .Irene you have given me the best gift that anyone could ever get.No words can express how much your friendship means to me,you are the best. love Darlene M

Darlene Mayo

hi Irene had an great time with my kids at the ancaster fair hope you get the jade stone for your self. thanks for the reading I,ll let you know what happens with the insight on things to come. enjoy your angel wing. joanne and the girls


I cannot thank you enough for your gift of hearing and speaking what I knew to be true and to confirm and clear up some confusion for me.

Not only did you go above and beyond for me, I felt your loving care and your wonderful offer of support.

It was a timely visit for me, as you know. You lifted my spirit it the most beautiful way, love to you! I will keep you posted... in fact the Universe brought something amazing when I got home, the opportunity to teach. Wow!

Susan Marie

Irene, you are gifted! My first medium reading was an incredible experience! The work you do brings a smile to my face! Looking forward to seeing you again :)


Irene is the first medium I have ever experienced a reading with. I was nervous but she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. She quickly tapped into my energy and I was able to resonate with the information I received. Thank you Irene!


Irene; thank you for the wonderful readings that you provided for myself , family and friends. We all had a good time and enjoyed the wonderful amazing readings you provided us with. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It will be a birthday experience that Sarah will never forget I will be sure to pass on your information for others to be able to experience the same.


Thank you Irene for your amazing reading. You are so positive and caring and it was so beautiful connecting with my mother again. I am so happy that we connected!


Thank you very muck Irene for the Fantastic and Accurate reading! As this was my very first psychic reading ever, I was very nervous and anxious. However from the first minute I met you, you made me feel very comfortable, calm and relaxed throughout the whole time! I definitely recommend you to anyone and will be back soon! (but will book a longer appointment!)
Thanks again for everything :)

Natalie Jarrett

My recent reading turned out to be one of my very special experiences. Butterfly is a good name for Irene. I'm sure she has wings. Looking forward to my next reading very soon. Thank you.

Frank Kitts

Irene, thank you for the great reading at the fair.  I cannot believe how much stuff you were able to pickup from me.  I want to know more.  15 minutes was not enough!


Irene - thank you for sharing this part of your life with me.  It gives me great hope for the success of the work we need to do.  Looking forward to building with you Butterfly.

Rose MacDonald

I have met with Irene on a few occasions now and I couldn't possibly express truly how special she has become to me. I originally looked to Irene as a medium to reconnect with my Dad who had passed away several years ago. The messages she brought to me were so specific and personal it brought me to tears. I have since met with her a couple of times to consult on other matters as well and have had a few parties and all of my guests had great feedback! What a gifted psychic and medium you are!

I feel more at peace about my past, more confident about my future. I know it was in me, but it was you who have helped me see it all more clearly and I couldn't possibly thank you enough for that. Thank you so much for being who you are, you're very special and so is your gift! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!


Toiling over so much confusion and misinformation, I spent the past 3 years seeking help from many physics and healers.  Out of sheer desperation, I spent a small fortune attempting to heal from my past experience.  After many failed attempts to find peace, and eventually being left with the feeling of being taken advantage of, I began to doubt that any human being could possibly serve as a spiritual guide for me.  But still I continued to seek.

It was one early morning when I had this urge to do a local internet search for psychics living nearby when I found Irene listed in  Something drew me toward calling Irene that early morning and Irene promptly returned my call the very same day.

I knew as soon I met Irene that she was that spiritual guide I was searching for. Not only did she take me early (knowing my situation before I even explained it to her) but after meeting with her, I truly felt my life had changed for the better. That first meeting was a magical experience and one which I will never forget.  Her unique ability to connect with people is astounding!  I am now a regular client of Irene.  I recommend her to everyone seriously seeking peace and joy in their life.

Stephen N.

Always an amazing experience when I'm with Butterfly. Mind blowing and amazingly phenomenal. I want to thank you for sharing your gifts and letting me realize that "The Sky is the Limit".


Well done Miss Irene, very nice web.

Antonette Sychangco Pascual

Hi Irene

Thank you so much for all your help. Since meeting you I have felt a sense of peace I have yet to find at this time in my life.  I will be forever greatful to you for helping my daughter through the hardest time in her life.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Debra Doiron

Thank you Irene.  I cannot wait to come and see you again for another reading.

Kimberly Fullerton

I just want to say that I can't wait till I get to meet you again. You truly are the real deal.

Brenda Walker

The legacy you leave is measured in the lives you've touched.


Irene I had a great time when you came over here to do the party... and everyone really enjoyed you... you made me feel like I had nothing to worry about... and it was cool to open up to you about anything I really
as soon as I saw you at my front door and we talked it felt like I have meet you before and from there I knew that day would be a great day hope to keep in touch.

Gina Pesce

THANKS IRENE! You helped me out alot!

Joe Eusebio